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Findings of biggest, largest Quartz crystals

This blog article is a supplement to the lecture given by Mr. Georges Claeys of Geonic Minerals about the locations to find Rock Crystal or Bergkristall throughout the world on behalf of the rockhound club Geolithos of which I'm a member.
This article describes the occurrences of findings of the biggest, largest quartz crystals.

1. World's largest quartz crystal cluster on display,
Namibia, Swakopmund, Kristallgalerie

  • Discovered : At Farm Otjua, Karibb district, Namibia
  • Size: 3m wide, 3m high Weight: 14100kg
  • Date: August 1985

2. Die Riesenbergkristalle von Ödenwinkel, Austria, Salzburg

I have seen these crystals on my journey into the Zillertaller Alps and the Salzburgerland, when I visited the Natural History Museum 'Haus der Natur' in Salzburg. This visit was documented with a booklet on 'Haus der Natur' and a brochure with the title: 'Die Riesenbergkristalle vom Ödenwinkel'.

These giant quartz crystals were found on the Hohe Tauern Mountain range in  Stubachtal, Salzburg, Austria in july 1965. They were found by the alpinists Peter Meilinger en Hans Hofer, who were climbing in the Glockner-area of the Austrian Alps. The whole found on quartz crystals was around 2000 kg, while the greatest crystal, the 'Meilinger' weights a 618 kg.

 The recovery and transportation of the rock crystals to the 'Haus der Natur' were carried out by the Austrian armed forces.


3. The Planggenstock Treasure, Switzerland, Uri-district

On September 21st 2005 the crystal hunters Franz von Arx and Paul von Känel opened up a cavity in the rock of their exploratory mine on the Planggenstock peak in the canton of Uri. There, glinting in the light of their torches, were almost fifty large, unusually clear and perfectly formed quartz crystals and crystal clusters. The two were looking at one of the largest and most important finds which the alps had yielded for around 300 years.

In 2010, this unique treasure was acquired by the Natural History Museum Bern. Since May 2011 it has been part of the Museum's significant collection of Alpine minerals, evoking awe and wonder in everyone who sees it.

As a Swiss Eye Witness 'Cathy Stocker' recalls it:
"I'm Swiss and know those crystals.. those shown here are the smaller ones They also took smoky quartz crystals groups out who where nearly man height... and beautiful big pink fluorite... oh boy, the energy in the exhibition room (an old chapel) was amazing.. now they are located in the main capital Bern in the Natural History Museum on display. http://www.nmbe.ch/en"

4. Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, Mount Ida region

Locality: East Coleman Mine (Ron Coleman Mine; Old Coleman Mine; West Chance; Dierks No. 4), Jessieville, Garland County, Arkansas, USA (Locality at mindat.org)
This Ouchita Mountains region is especially known for several mining pits which are mined for rock crystal quartz and contains the best quartz around the world. Most mines have an exhibition of quartz crystals and a rock shop, while they also allow visitors and tourists to search for themselves in the mine for a fee.

 World's largest quartz crystals of its quality ever found.
From the Old Coleman Mine in Jessieville, Arkansas, USA.


This photo of Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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