dinsdag 9 juni 2009

How to remove faulty CD Cover Art

To remove faulty CD cover art from your MP3 and/or WMA collection by means of a DOS console command prompt do the following:

1. Open the DOS Command Prompt

2. In the window with the DOS command prompt, change into the folder or directory in which you keep your music files

CD Music

3. Remove the system only and hidden attributes from the graphics files which make up your cd cover art by typing

attrib -S -H AlbumArt*.jpg
attrib -S -H Folder*.jpg
attrib -S -H Cover*.jpg

dir AlbumArt*.jpg

At this stage you could switch to an image view program to inspect the jpg images AlbumArt*.jpg, Folder*.jpg and operate upon them (archive, delete, move...)

Filenames are:

4. In the DOS command prompt window you can type the following to delete all of the CD Cover art files:

del AlbumArt*.jpg
del Folder*.jpg

If you operated on individual files and want to keep the rest of the cd cover art intact, then restore the system only and hidden attributes:

attrib +S +H AlbumArt*.jpg
attrib +S +H Folder*.jpg

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